Texas SBA® encourages businesses owned by 2 or more family members to obtain Family Owned Business Certification and build the legacy, recognition, and financial rewards they deserve. Family owned businesses are the oldest and most common business model in the world and their ecomomic impact is vital to the success of Texas. Get Certified Today.

Family businesses have unique dynamics and serve as a prime source of wealth by representing 30% of company sales over $1 Billion. Successfully balancing the differening roles of committment to family; business ownership; and employee duties are challenging functions and with Family Owned Business Certification you may optimize your company's performance.

Both Texas SBA™ and Texas Small Business Association™ have endorsed Texas SBA® Family Owned Business Certification for use in mentoring, marketing, and other publicity. Register Online.

Requirements for Family Owned Business Certification1

2 or more owners of the business must be family members.
Company must be registered in the state of Texas.

Who's Eligible for Family Owned Business Certification1

United States of America Citizens.
Company Ownership through Trusts or Holding Companies is Allowed
Business Management can be Employees / Non-Family Members
Resident Aliens and other Foreigners Possessing a U.S. Immigration Visa.
Non-U.S. Citizens Operating a Registered Business within the state of Texas.
Family Owned Business Certification issued by Texas SBA® does not require audited financial statements; no classroom or course attendance; no minimum years in operation; and "on-site examination" of your company's office is not required.

Family members are often loyal; dedicated to the family enterprise; and share a set of beliefs that are passed down from generation-to-generation. Celebrate your company's success with Family Owned Business Certification and publicize why family-owned businesses are the backbone to achieving the American Dream.
Get Cetified Today.
Reasons for Certification
Build a Family Legacy for Future Generations
Generate New Customer Sales
Corporate America & Government Marketing
Receive Peer Recognition & Admiration
Promote the American Dream & Family Values
Certification Exhibits Business Maturity & Trust
Advertise Your Family Business via Photo
Proofs of Certification Provided
(All Companies Receive the Following)
Certification Number
Signed Letters of Certification
Certification Certificates
Certification ID Card w/ Photo (optional)
Certification Decals
Certification Seals
Hardcopy Certification Proofs
Digital Certification Proofs
24-Hour Online Verification
24-Hour Cellular Phone Verification
1:  Texas SBA® Family Owned Business Certification Agreement is detailed here.
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