Texas SBA® enables LGBT business owners to give purchasing managers, contractors, lenders, customers, and others business partners public-evidence of their sexual-act preference as their chosen way of life. The Biden-Harris Administration has mainstreamed LGBT opportunities and this national movement in public policy may also trickle-down to the commercial and consumer sectors. LGBT Owned Business Certification may give your company new exposure and economic opportunities based upon chosen sexual-actions with persons possessing a penis or vagina. Take public-pride in your chosen sexual-act behaivor by obtaining LGBT Owned Business Certification.

Requirements for LGBT Owned Business Certification1

Public declaration supporting the LGBT movement via notarized sworn affidavit.
Company must be registered in the State of Texas.

Who's Eligible for LGBT Owned Business Certification1

United States of America Citizens.
Resident Aliens and other Foreigners Possessing a U.S. Immigration Visa.
Non-U.S. Citizens Operating a Registered Business within the state of Texas.
Texas SBA® LGBT Owned Business Certification does not require audited financial statements; no classroom or course attendance; no minimum years in operation; and no "on-site examination" of your company's office is required.

LGBT Owned Business Certification is your public-declaration in support of the LGBT movement and promotion of their sexual-practices.
Reasons for Certification
LGBT Community spends over $917 Billion every year on goods & services
LGBT Customers are 75% more likely to change brands when they know the company is LGBT inclusive
LGBT Companies of Color are growing in popularity and economic strength
Promote your LGBT-Owned Business aggressively during the Biden-Harris Administration
Proofs of Certification Provided
(All Companies Receive the Following Documentation)
Certification Number
Signed Letters of Certification
Certification Certificates
Certification ID Card w/ Photo (optional)
Certification Decals
Certification Seals
Hardcopy Certification Proofs
Digital Certification Proofs
24-Hour Online Verification
24-Hour Cellular Phone Verification
1:  Texas SBA® terms of service are detailed here.
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